Continuing the countdown to Cambodia after a few days off…

Ordinary Mother-in-law has made it* across the North Pole** and is now travelling around Southeast Asia with her very energetic grandson. And we begin the journey in under thirteen days.

* Actually, she made it a few days ago. I just haven’t had time to do an update since she arrived.

** Yes – that is how we get there. We fly through the Arctic Circle, over Siberia, and over China. But not over North Korea. Apparently, there are still some unresolved diplomatic issues.

So – what is the Ordinary Family doing these days to prepare? I’m glad you asked. Mostly, we’re finishing off our vaccinations with typhoid shots. And we’ve been receiving travel advice. So my girls will tell you that they shouldn’t pet the animals while we’re travelling. And we’ll only be eating fruits that have to be peeled. (Among other directives.)

At other times of the day, when we aren’t being poked with needles or getting prescriptions for antibiotics and antimalarials filled, we’re creating lists – mostly in our heads at this point. Lists help us to prepare for days that will be more summer-like than any summer that we experience in Illinois. Sunblock is our friend. So is insect repellant. Pack efficiently. Pack light. And pack something to do on twelve-hour flights around the Pacific Rim.

Finally, MCC Cambodia has published two blog articles in the last few days: an update on the flooding and its ongoing effects and a story about an MCC-sponsored program to provide sewing and tailoring training.