The Ordinary Family enjoys playing farkle. It’s a dice game that doesn’t require much time or thought – five minutes is enough. Ordinary Spouse and I frequently play a few games after the girls are in bed for the night.

We played two weeks ago, and OS was the winner. She made herself a trophy:


Last night, we played farkle again. Once again, I was the loser. And OS decided to make me a Loser’s Trophy. But I said that I wanted a good one since I was the first-place loser…!/ktmmcc24/status/122152187672530944

Here’s what she came up with…

The Loser's Trophy

“The Loser’s Trophy” by Ordinary Spouse
Watercolor on recycled office paper, approximately 3″ × 5″, October 2011 

This trophy consists of a flat tire sprouting some kind of weird, red antenna dice. In the center, there is a stylish 2nd place plaque. There is a vessel of sour grapes (should I get hungry), as well as an eternal flame for being the eternal loser.

Nice, huh?