Peanut butter and jelly

(PB&J by Evan-Amos)

This Five for Friday is inspired by the comments left by Ordinary Mother and Naomi on my poll earlier this week. They were clearly not identifying with the peanut butter and jelly thing. So in their honor, I present my five favorite sandwiches with peanut butter. As an added bonus, you can weigh in on your favorites, too! (I can sense the excitement building.)

1) Marmalade – Pure yum.

2) Bananas – I think my mom tried to expand my horizons with this, once upon a time. It worked.

3) Honey – If it includes the honeycomb, all the better.

4) Nutella – Almost too rich to eat.

5) Apple butter – Sam Beachy’s, please.

Honorable mentions: Marshmallow kreme. (I think it has to be spelled like that.) Also, these can’t make the list, since they aren’t sandwiches. However, I really like peanut butter with celery and (get ready for this one) peanut butter and mustard on ham.

By the way – the earlier poll raises an interesting question. Why do people seem to spread peanut butter first? Of the responses so far, nine people spread peanut butter first. Three people spread either peanut butter or jelly. But no one always spreads jelly first.

What’s up with that? If you’re going to use one knife, couldn’t you clean the jelly off of the knife more easily than the peanut butter? And yet, I’m guilty of being a “peanut butter first” person myself. And so, we contaminate the jelly jar with bits of peanut butter.

Ok – rant done.

So – how do you eat your peanut butter sandwiches?