This morning, Youngest Daughter didn’t finish her milk at breakfast…

ordinary (mostly): Please come finish your milk.

Youngest Daughter: I have no sense of bravery! I’m all filled up.

Then, as if to underscore the point, she stomped off to her room and firmly closed the door.

On Friday, we were driving in Iowa and had this exchange:

Oldest Daughter: Why is it so mountainous here?

Middle Daughter: Because it’s Ohio!

Ordinary Spouse and I were trying hard not to laugh in the front seat. That exchange was wrong on both accounts. But I guess when you live in Illinois, Iowa might be considered mountainous.

And here’s one for you nerds out there.

Iowa has a convenience store/gas station called Casey’s (but you can substitute the name of your own local quick mart).

Ordinary Spouse and I were reflecting on how you really can’t buy food there. What you actually get is “food derivatives”. Mathematically, this could be represented as:

d (food)

Of course, then you can talk about integrating  the food derivatives:

∫ d (food)

And what do you get when you carry out that integral?

∫ d (food) = food + C

So you get out food, of course, but you also get ‘C’, which is a constant. And it’s that constant that you don’t want to put into your body.


Sorry. That’s just our brand of humor.

(And how cool is it that I got to use the integral symbol on my blog?)