(This is the second in a series of puzzles that I’ve created for geocaches. You don’t need to like geocaching to appreciate them. You just need to enjoy number logic.)

This cache associated with this puzzle was hidden about halfway along my commute route. Alas, it was “muggled” frequently, and I had to archive it. (In geocaching parlance, a ‘muggle’ is a non-geocacher. If a geocache has been muggled, it was removed by the non-geocacher.)

The puzzle is called a “killer sudoku“. All standard sudoku rules apply. In addition:

  • Each distinct colored region is a “cage”. The sum of the numbers in a particular cage must equal the number printed in that cage.
  • No number may be repeated within a cage.
  • Note that cages may extend across more than one 3×3 square. For example, there is a four cell cage, colored yellow with a sum of thirteen, that starts in the upper left and continues in the upper center 3×3.


(Click on the image for a larger version.)