(Don’t worry! You don’t have to be a geocacher to enjoy this puzzle! You just need to like kakuro.)

My little ‘About Me’ summary mentions that I’m a geocacher. (If you’re unfamiliar with geocaching, you can probably get your questions answered at geocaching.com. If you are familiar with geocaching and want to find me, I go by ‘GCalum‘.) Unfortunately, I’ve been much less of a geocacher in the last year than I’d like – time and priorities, you know. But I still get out when I can.

One thing that I’ve enjoyed when hiding my own caches is to create puzzles for other cachers to solve. Unfortunately, if something happens to the cache*, then I have to “archive” it and the effort that I put into the puzzle is lost. So hooray for the blog! I have a new audience who might enjoy my little puzzles.

* The cache container associated with this particular puzzle was a Lock & Lock. An animal ate through it. 😦

The puzzle below is called a kakuro. As originally intended, the cells shaded blue and red would have provided part of the coordinates to a cache hidden in a forest preserve near where I work. But since I’ve removed the cache, they now just provide coordinates to a nice spot in the woods. (Spoiler warning: a partial solution is given on the cache page. However, you have to be logged in to see it.)

So – I hope you enjoy this puzzle. I’ll be posting a variety of them in the coming days.

(Click on the image for a larger version.)