(With apologies to my family members who are lactose intolerant.)

I’m afraid that this won’t be an overly exciting “Five for Friday” because my experience with food isn’t overly broad. Mostly, it’s just a chance for my father and me to think fondly of our shared sense of taste, while being separated by 600 miles. So here are my favorite uses for cheese (apart from simply eating it straight).

  1. Fresh mozzarella salad – Mix fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil, and balsamic vinegar. Voila!
  2. Pizza – I’m thinking fondly of white pizza (ricotta and mozzarella) on the east coast and goat cheese pizza on the west coast.
  3. French onion soup – More Gruyère, please.
  4. Ravioli. Or lasagna. I don’t care which.
  5. Blue cheese burgers.

And just missing the cut: Asiago bread, quesadillas and Greek salads with Feta.

Also – I reserve the right to modify my list. I’m sure I forgot something.

And while we’re at it, here are my five favorite cheeses to eat straight:

  1. Swiss
  2. Smoked cheddar
  3. Gjetost
  4. Cheese curds (from the Kalona Cheese House!)
  5. Fresh mozzarella

With pepper jack missing the cut because Monterey Jack isn’t quite so special without the hot peppers.