I can’t seem to maintain a healthy weight. I actually blogged about this before. And if you were wondering, nothing came about as a result of that blog. So here I go again…

Today I’ve started a new diet. Last night when I weighed myself, I was 225 lbs. That’s 55 lbs more than my healthy weight. So I’m going to try to lose 25% of me.

(Here’s the part that makes me ashamed: BMI = 33. Obese.)

How will I do this?

  • Exercise – This is a hard one, just because I have to find the time. That means going to bed by 10 pm and getting up a few minutes before 6 am so that I can swim in the mornings. I’ll supplement it with walking at lunch, but I often like to use my lunch time for reading.
  • Cut out the coffee – This is also hard, because I like espresso drinks. But mochas and sweetened lattes have a bunch of calories. So – no coffee at work and no coffee at home. (I reserve the right to have some in the evenings on weekends. But not during the week.)
  • Controlled meals – oatmeal at breakfast, a fruit at lunch, small portions at supper
  • No desserts during the week – excess calories
  • No snacks after supper – ditto
  • Lots of water – You all know the benefits of water. I have a big cup for water at work. I plan to drink lots of it – at least a half gallon
  • Accountability – My readers will keep me honest.

Along the lines of that last bullet point, I have a new page to track my progress:

Weight Loss Tracking

You can find it in the menu above under ‘Stuff’. I will try to update my weight chart regularly. I may sometimes post a blog entry here, but to be honest, I don’t care to spend too much time talking about this. We’ll see.

If you know me personally, see me occasionally, talk to me on the phone (etc.), feel free to ask how I’m doing. I figure this is the best way to stay on track.