There has been increasing interest in Anabaptism sans the Mennonite or Amish baggage that has often been a part of it in North America. Part of this interest grows out of conversations within the emerging church movement. Part of it arises from a desire within the Mennonite Church (and other historic Anabaptist denominations) to get back to core convictions. Many people (myself included) found Stuart Murray’s book, The Naked Anabaptist, to be a useful part of this conversation. Murray is part of The Anabaptist Network in Britain and Ireland, and it was natural that North Americans might think about copying their example.

In January, Myron Augsburger proposed an alliance of Anabaptists to share “fellowship and witness”. Sheldon Good from the Mennonite Weekly Review then wondered what would come next. Apparently, he decided to answer his own question…

Good and Tom Airey have created the Anabaptist Network in North America. It’s not clear what it will become yet, but for those interested in such things, it might be fun to follow along. And, hey – if you join now, you could probably help to set the early course!