Yesterday, we had some bark mulch delivered. Ordinary Spouse transformed the front flower bed:

Now I’m sitting at breakfast contemplating my Saturday task list:

  • Repair stairs from deck to yard
  • Repair gate
  • Place landscaping timbers around lilac
  • Place landscaping timbers around the Mother’s Day garden
  • Create a garden plot for tomatoes and other plants that want more sun than they’re currently getting
  • Mulch other flower beds
  • Trim the lawn in the back yard
  • Ask my neighbor if she’d like me to do something about our mint that seeded itself in her yard
  • Change the storm door to a screen door
  • Update the family finances
  • Bake bread for our small group meeting tomorrow
  • Shop for salad ingredients for the same small group
  • Shop for other general household supplies (gets its own line because it’s another store)
Hopefully, the weather forecast is wrong. It’s calling for rain all day. We had some as I was waking up, but it seems to have stopped for now. The radar is looking ok…