Last week, Ordinary Mommy had the opportunity to interview Mira the Water Fairy when she stopped by the Rainbow House of Learning. I thought that you might enjoy the interview…

Today I would like to introduce to you Mira the water-sculpture fairy. She has a talent for sculpting water into different shapes.

Q: What is your favorite sculpture you have made?

A: My most prized sculpture is of me making a dolphin. It is full-sized. If you say the magic words the dolphin will swim to you. You can jump on it and ride along.

Q: So it’s a sculpture of you making a sculpture?

A: Yes!

Q: How did you know you had this talent?

A: Fairies are born when a baby has its first laugh. I had this talent when I was born, so I knew right away.

Q: How do you make a sculpture?

A: First, I take some water out of my wand. I hold it in my hands and sculpt it just like you would sculpt clay. The trick is that only water fairies can do it. See, I can poke it with my finger. Here, hold out your hands and I’ll show you.

[Mira places a water bubble on my hands and it pours out onto the ground].

Q: Can you make your sculptures permanent so that others can hold them?

A: Yes, I give them a coating of seaweed oil grease, and then anyone can hold it. I can also freeze the water and the ice will be hard as long as the temperature is cold. We have ice sculpture contests in the winter.

Q: What are some other things you do?

A: We play water balloon battles. About a month before the contest, all the water fairies work at making water balls. During the water balloon battles, the other (non-water) fairies have to wear a cloth covering on their wings, because if their wings get wet they will be weighted down. It’s like scuba-gear for wings.

Thank you, Mira, and we’ll look forward to seeing more of your sculptures in the future.