Well… actually, as I write we’re on our way home, but we had another good weekend in the Laurel Highlands. We drove to Goshen Thursday night and traveled the rest of the way on Friday.

Here’s a fun exchange that took place in the car. Youngest Daughter was talking to Ordinary Mommy. And I should explain that Ordinary Mommy currently home schools Oldest Daughter and (in theory) Youngest Daughter. But Youngest Daughter doesn’t realize that she’s getting schooled…

YD: Do you keep forgetting about school?

OM: Not really. Do you think I’m forgetting about school?

YD: Yes.

OM: Sometimes I do school and you don’t know it. Sometimes I ask you questions that make you think.

YD: Well, I’m tired of thinking.

OM: Ok – no more thinking. We’ll just do school.

And while we’re at it, here’s another cute story that my sister emailed to me while we there. The background is that anytime our family gets together at my parents’ house, my mother manages to stock up on orange juice. I mean – really stock up. And somehow, my Favorite Niece (who is 3 years old) has managed to pick up on this. The other day she was having a conversation on the phone pretending to be Grandma…

Favorite Niece: I’m getting ready to go to work and then I’m going to take the orange juice to the other refrigerator. Grandpa and I might play a game and then have a little rest and then we’re going to have a little of that orange juice that Grandpa bought and some of that candy that we had on Easter.