I had to resume my “This week in the garden” series today. Tomorrow, it will be March and these pictures need to be posted in order to prove that Spring is already showing up in February.* Ordinary Spouse first noticed these signs of spring a few days ago:

Iris, mums, croci(!), tulips, and the money plant are all showing the first signs of new life.

Last year at this time, Ordinary Spouse made her profound observation about this being the time for Lent. It bears repeating:

In my backyard the snow is melting, revealing last summer’s broken toys, leaf and twig detritus from fall, a winter’s worth of escaped bits of trash and spring’s first mud-holes. It must be Lent.

* Actually, I wouldn’t mind another major snow. I sort of enjoyed the blizzard. But spring will be nice, too. The hottest, most humid, most mosquito-infested days of summer are the ones that I struggle with.