I’ve got two types of books that I’m reading right now: theology and autobiography.

At work, I have a really comfortable, quiet spot that I visit for lunchtime reading. There I’ve collected my theology reading:

Taken as a whole, these represent my attempt to think about Anabaptism from a fresh perspective (which I’ve been doing for a year or two now). It’s a post-modern/emerging church perspective. I also realized that I need to keep a Bible handy. Despite the critiques of the emerging church, it’s making me more grounded in and passionate about faith, rather than less so. And I find the emerging church approach to faith to resonate quite a bit with Anabaptist ideas.

At home, I have the autobiographical stuff that gets read in little chunks before I turn off the light at night:

The books by Sara Miles and Shane Claiborne speak to how I would like to live out the lunchtime theology. And (as mentioned previously), Roxana Saberi’s book is our family’s group read right now.

* Actually, these are honorable mentions. Believe it or not, I managed to finish these books in the last few months.