I’m not done yet! We don’t have any more significant snows in our forecast, so I have to relish the snow that I have!

After a snow day on Wednesday, things were back to normal on Thursday…

Well – almost…

Unfortunately, there was still the little issue of getting out of the driveway. The street crews had created a two-foot high by six-foot wide mountain at the end:

With another hour and a half of work (in -5°F temps), I was on my way. The main road through the sub-division was still only one lane. Luckily, I didn’t encounter any cars. The four lane state road was still only two lanes due to drifting, but once I reached the interstate things were pretty much normal.

During the day, the street crews returned to do a little more cleaning. I took these panoramas yesterday morning (click for big(!) images):

Our front yard after two days
360 degrees of our subdivision

It was nice to have a little break in the middle of the week, but the synchrotron is up and running again and we have scientists coming to use our facility on Monday. As a result, we’ve had a little time crunch. What a way to spend a Friday night…

But today is more restful.