(At least, so far.)

Sometime late on Saturday, Jack caught a whiff of Alexis’ presence. Literally. He started smelling all around, found the kitty carrier and spent a lot of time smelling there, and eventually focused in on the girls’ bedroom door. For the next half day or so, he kept a fairly close eye on it.

Sunday afternoon, we borrowed a large cage from some friends and set it up in the girls’ room. We put Alexis in the cage and then allowed Jack to cautiously approach the door again. Once he saw her he crouched and hissed and stared.

And she… did nothing.

Actually, she basically looked around as if to say, “Why have you put me inside this cage when I got to run around the room for the last day?” Jack’s hissing apparently didn’t bother her. I think it may have to do with the three months that she’s stayed in a shelter with other cats.

After a few minutes of this interaction between the two (Jack hissing; Alexis sitting and looking princess like), we took Jack back out of the room and let her romp around again.

Throughout the rest of the day, we tried out this little experiment a few more times. Each time, Alexis was met with a little less hissing. Finally, sometime yesterday Laurie and the girls just let them interact. Jack stilled kept a safe distance and hissed a little, but by the end of the day things seemed to be calming down.

Might this be a generally applicable bit of wisdom? If you ignore the hissing, the rhetoric will eventually calm down? Anyway…

They seem to have found a common calling in watching the squirrels on our back deck…