My loyal readers know that I’m the father of three princesses. This has led to involvement in some activities that I wouldn’t have predicted, had you asked me ten years ago. In what may become part of a larger series, I thought I’d share some of those things without much commentary. I’ll just give you a chance to grin in my general direction…

Some of you may be familiar with Webkinz. You “adopt” a pet (a stuffed animal, which may be purchased at a variety of stores). Adoption gives you access to a number of online activities. You can create a house for you pet, play games, attend school, perform jobs, and so on. My daughters thought that they’d enjoy playing Webkinz with me (you can visit the houses of friends, too), and so I’m the proud owner of four pets. Here they are, showing off their house…


Here they are! From L to R: T’ioca, Rex, J-B, and Ribbity

Rex showing off the coffee shop. Wish I had an espresso machine like that.

Rex is in the garage where the vehicles are parked. I don’t know what he’s riding in.

Rex in the Japanese-themed sitting room. I don’t know how realistic that is, but it looks nice.