This post is just an excuse to share a Sesame Street video, but I need to provide some background for those of you who aren’t meme savvy. (I am not meme savvy, either.)

My girls enjoy a blog entitled “Cake Wrecks“. Basically, it consists of pictures of cakes that turned out really awful. (Sundays are an exception. The blog presents “Sunday Sweets”. Frankly, those cakes are stunning.) A week ago, they had a blog that alluded to one of the ubiquitous Old Spice commercials that are currently popular.

My girls love the commercial. They think the horse is hilarious. They even love the commercial more than this collection of cake wrecks (which was the reason for showing them the commercial in the first place).

(Here’s a cat thrown in for good measure.)

But this morning, we found Grover. And no one (or no cake) gets as many requests as Grover:

(This video brought to you by the letters ‘O’ and ‘M’ and the number ‘5’.)