My family is at Laurelville this weekend for the semi-annual Association meeting. The activities really don’t start until this evening, but we drove yesterday to be here for an extra day. My parents are also here now, and my in-laws will arrive this evening, so it’s a mini family reunion.

This morning all of us took a walk to Sunset Hill. While we were there, everyone walked the labyrinth – each according to their own personality. What follows are some spiritual and non-spiritual thoughts from our time there. I’ll let you decide which are which, but consider carefully before you decide. The answer may not be readily apparent…

1) “Whoa! I didn’t expect to go in that direction.”

2) “It’s ok if you jump across the lines. Mommy told me.”

3) “This is a lot longer than I thought.”

4) “This isn’t a maze. There is only one path.”

5) “Daddy is the winner!”

(Photo from the Laurelville website.)