Wait! On what basis are you choosing these interstate roads? What criteria are you using?

Why… my own, of course!

(image from Wikipedia)

1) I-80 – I’ve spent the last nineteen years of my life traveling along I-80: Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey (on the way to New York). I’ve even been on the other end of I-80 in California, while doing graduate research.

2) I-68 – This is the road that I traveled to go from home to both of my grandparents’ houses as a child. Back then, it was US 40/48. Now, it’s been promoted.

3) I-76 – I met, dated, proposed to, and married Ordinary Spouse at Laurelville, which borders on I-76. In fact, the proposal occurred late one evening within sight of the turnpike with cars streaming by. (I think it was a bit more romantic than that sounds, however.) Did I mention that Laurelville is my favorite place in the world? Oh. Yeah, I guess I did. Multiple times.

4) I-4 – Duh. Walt Disney Word.

Now, what? I could choose I-94 for my years in Ann Arbor; I-79 for trips to my parents’ place these days, as well as past trips to see Grandma; I-35 for travel toward the boundary waters; I-90 for the Indiana and Ohio toll roads; I-70 for the Pennsylvania toll road (no, wait – I got two flat tires on I-70 in Ohio);  I-75 or I-95 for various trips; or… well, you get the idea. Instead, I’ll pick…

5) I-55 – ’cause that’s where I live now.