(aka The Month’s Supply of Sugar!)

This morning, Plainfield had its annual Homecoming Parade. We bundled up, because it was cool. However, it turned out that in the sun, we did just fine. Beautiful weather.

It also turned out that we didn’t need to go an hour ahead of the start time. We were warned to get there early and find ourselves a parking  and viewing spot. Forty-five minutes was more than enough.

Here’s the photo journal of the mornings events…

1 ) The parade watchers, anxiously waiting
2 ) Hurry up and get the street cleared!
3 ) The street is cleared. Now let’s get started!

4 ) Tom Cross, our state representative
5 ) A midget car…
6 ) And a flying carpet

7 ) Farmall
8 ) Silver King
9 ) Allis Chalmers

10) The train jumped the tracks!
11) Throw us more candy! Please!!!
12) Tom Cross’ elephant marks the end

13) The morning’s candy haul

There were also plenty of high school (and middle school) bands, girl scouts, boy scouts, cheerleaders, homecoming royalty, emergency responders blaring sirens, animal rescue organizations, and politicians. I think that the final five minutes consisted of politicians handing out pamphlets and shaking hands.