We’re going to make this week’s “Five for Friday” short, mostly because I don’t have the appropriate vocabulary to describe herb and spice flavors. I just know what I like. In traditional “Five for Friday” fashion, my actual list will contain more than five items. And we start out the excess with…

Herbs that would have made the list had they not already been listed on another “Five for Friday” list – Coriander (as cilantro) and rosemary were listed in my “favorite plants” list in September 2009, so I’ll exclude them from the five here. Otherwise, I would have needed to make room for them.

1) Odd Spice – Ha, ha! Right away with item #1, I’ve already got more than five: cinnamon, allspice,  cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, and clove. Those are the six spices that I mix together to put on my oatmeal. Collectively, I call them ‘odd spice’. And I get to count them as one.

2) Caraway – I love this in bread. And soup. And I just realized that this will become a theme.

3) Dill – Ditto: bread and soup. Also, mix it with yogurt for a nice dip.

4) Tarragon – Soup again. Or maybe mixed with some olive oil (and drizzled on bread!).

5) Kampot pepper – My brother- and sister-in-law will correct me if I get this wrong. This is a variety of black pepper from Cambodia to which they’ve introduced me. It’s tastier (and also slightly spicier) than your average black pepper. It’s great in every situation where you’d use black pepper – including soup! (And I manage to find a use for black pepper at most of my dinner meals.)

Hmm… it would seem that my culinary lesson for the day is that some foods are designed to be carriers for other flavors, rather than their own. I don’t know that I’ve thought about that much before.