In my previous post, I began jotting down the fun I had on Saturday of this past weekend. On to Sunday…

A Daddy-Daughter Day to remember

On Friday evening, My whole family made the trip to Goshen for the Relief Sale. However, Middle Daughter and I had to come back yesterday morning, and Ordinary Spouse and the other two girls didn’t need to come home until this afternoon. I try to have regular “Daddy-Daughter” time with my girls – time when I give all of my attention to just one of them. Yesterday, MD and I got to have a whole day together. Here’s how we spent our day:

  1. Left my in-laws house in Goshen to return to Illinois in time for church (0800 EDT)
  2. One pink doughnut for MD from Starbucks (0815)
  3. Arrive at church for morning services (0945 CDT)
  4. After Sunday School, plan out the rest of our day (1220)
  5. Lunch at Dairy Queen, complete with ice cream in a mini baseball helmet (1245)
  6. Mini-golf at Wilderness Falls (1345)
  7. On the way home, stop at Meijer to get supper and movie treats (1515)
  8. Timeout to practice piano (1545)
  9. To the playground for some fun (1615)
  10. An hour and a half  later, head back home (1745)
  11. Stop at Family Video for a movie (1800)
  12. Supper (Froot Loops!) and getting ready for bed (1830)
  13. Movie time. ‘Sleeping Beauty’* had scratches, so we watched ‘Tom and Jerry’.** Ate Twizzlers! (1845)
  14. Middle Daughter is about to fall asleep. Off to bed. (2000)

Somewhere in there, she remarked, “This is the best day ever!” 🙂

* Trivia question: What is Sleeping Beauty’s real name? Answer: Aurora. How many men know that?

** Note to self: ‘Tom and Jerry’ is a bit too violent. Let’s not pick that one again.

(Treats from our Daddy-Daughter day. Note how our supper matches our movie snack. I’m not sure how she decided on the White Sox helmet for ice cream, though.)