Whew! We’ve made it through our first week of school. To highlight the week, “Five for Friday” is brought to you by the rest of the family…

1) We have a name for our home school:

Rainbow House of Learning

2) You don’t have to be a student here in order to get an award. Each of the girls won Rainbow Awards this week:

Oldest Daughter for demonstrating exceptional enthusiasm and effort in her first week of home school;

Middle Daughter for making her own lunch and for trying her best during her first week at Eagle Pointe;

Youngest Daughter for a great job of reading her ABCs in the bathtub.

3) MD’s favorite part of school was receiving a red ticket for good behavior. At the end of the month, the teacher randomly selects three red tickets to win prizes. Her favorite bit of learning was math. It sounds like they are reviewing numbers.

4) At the Rainbow House of Learning,  OD’s favorite subject this week was a unit on rocks, gems, and minerals. This unit will continue next week, as well. One highlight was examining kitchen crystals under a microscope. (Thanks, Dad.)

5) Music lessons are the extracurriculars right now. MD started piano lessons during the summer. This past week, she was excited to let her teacher know that she had already played “Ode to Joy” on her mom’s psaltery. With raised eyebrow, the teacher asked Ordinary Spouse what a psaltery was. It will go along to next week’s lesson.

OD begins violin lessons on Monday. This past week, she picked up her rental instrument. As she was leaving the store, Youngest Daughter said quietly and with quivering lip, “I wish I could have a pet violin.”

All in good time, YD.