It’s the first day of school!

This morning, I went out to get a dozen doughnuts for breakfast – a little treat to start the school year. When I came back at 6:30 a.m., the high school students were already waiting for the bus. How can that be any good for learning?

It’s an exciting year in our house. Middle Daughter begins first grade, which means that she gets to eat lunch at school! You would not believe how exciting this is. She had her lunch box picked out long ago.

Oldest Daughter is opting for home-schooling this year. For a variety of reasons, Ordinary Spouse started pondering the possibility last year, and when she brought up the idea with Oldest Daughter, OD was ecstatic. OD’s best friend (who lives just around the corner from us) is also home-schooled. So for the past few months the two girls and the two moms have been discussing plans and ideas and what-not.

Youngest Daughter is old enough for an initial year of pre-school, but she’ll be at home, as well. Oldest Daughter says that she’ll be her teacher.

One fascinating thing about home-schooling is how it draws in the whole family. Now – mostly I’ve let Ordinary Spouse take over. She is the one who will be doing most of the organizing. But all of a sudden, everyone is thinking of ideas for study topics; of places for field trips; of ways of learning math or science or art or history.

Anyway – last night, Ordinary Spouse was busy getting the lesson plans in place for today, so it’s her first day of  school, too. Maybe I’ll get her to do a guest blog at some point.

Well, it’s an exciting day and year, and now I see that it’s time to get outside to catch the bus.