Nothing. Nothing is playing.

Actually, it’s not quite that bad. But nothing is playing in our van, because something fried the CD player. The control panel doesn’t acknowledge the existence of the CD player any more. You can push any of the buttons – nothing happens. And there’s a little problem…

It has a six CD changer…

With six CDs inside.

Therefore, this post is not about what is playing, but rather what would be playing if I could get my new CD out of the CD player.

I have previously gushed about Carrie Newcomer’s music. She stops, takes a look around, sees what others miss, and writes a story about it. Her latest album, “Before & After”, is no different. On it, we hear about ghost trains, pebbles in streams, Indiana county fairs (with reference to the MCC Relief Sale!), and coyote-dog mixed breeds. We also learn that a group of rhinoceros is called a “crash”.

However, what I really love about her lyrics is the way in which they shed new light on what is holy:

  • Before and After – Moments that initially seemed to hold little significance become the markers that define our lives
  • I Do Not Know Its Name – Ultimately, our attempts to name God always fail
  • If Not Now – The will to live well in the time that we have
  • Do No Harm – What if we really believed that the Peaceable Kingdom could exist here and now?

As usual, the folk melodies and arrangements are beautiful and well-suited to her message. So take a little jaunt to her website – – and listen to some samples. Or enjoy the video below.

Miracles still happen every shining now and then
If not now, if not now, tell me when