Let me begin by saying that I’m not comparing my daughter to anyone else…

Well – maybe I am.

But I’m not judging her. She is free to be who she wants to be. I just find it interesting to observe her development.

By now you’re wondering what in the world I’m talking about.

We have friends at church whose son is exactly two weeks older than our Youngest Daughter. One might expect that they’d be at somewhat similar stages in their development.

Well, apparently that doesn’t include coloring.

First, check out his coloring skills. Wow – pretty cool, huh? (And trust me – that was an honest disclaimer that his mother wrote. She is no more interested in bragging or judging than I am.)

Now check out my daughter’s picture, which she created within the same week, if not on the same day. (This was the picture that I mentioned when I commented on the other blog post.)

Actually, it just makes me laugh a bit. Our children are who they are. And we love them for that.

Well, to be perfectly honest, not everything that YD creates is that abstract, and I wouldn’t want her to be traumatized some day by seeing this. So let me share one more – a landscape that she created yesterday…

Pretty. I like it.