Wow – I’ve been absent from my blog. First, it was vacation. One would think that would be the perfect time to do some reflecting and writing. But, no – I actually was pretty busy and didn’t do quite enough sitting. Then last week, I was back at work and needed to prepare for a conference presentation this week. Well – now I’ve given my talk, and I feel like I’ve taken a deep breath for the first time since early July.

So here I am in San Diego. The weather is gorgeous:

Compare that to the Chicago burbs, where flooding, heat, and humidity seem to be the rule for the last month.

I’m at the SPIE conference on optics and photonics. It’s not a conference that I’d normally attend (a better one is the annual SRI meeting which happens to be in Chicago this year). However, my supervisor was part of one planning committee, and he wasn’t able to be here. So I gave a talk in his place.

Ordinary Spouse took the opportunity to travel with me. She’s enjoying the area by herself during the day. In my moments away from the meeting, we’re celebrating our 14th wedding a few days early (yay!) and nineteen years of “couplehood” (whatever that means). We’ve enjoyed some good food (Indian, seafood, Ghirardelli) and done some touring around San Diego and Coronado.

Meanwhile, back in Illinois, my wonderful parents and mother-in-law are spending the week with my daughters. So everyone wins!

Hopefully coming soon to a blog near you:

What Ordinary Spouse and I discuss when the daughters are asleep (or halfway across the country with grandparents)

So stay tuned – hopefully I’ll get that committed to writing!