1) Blogs that I’ve started and haven’t completed, or blogs that others have requested

I have quite a few of these. It’s sort of like my life. I start things and don’t always complete them in a timely fashion. As of right now, this list (for my blog; not my life) includes (but is not limited to):

  • A ‘Now Playing’ update – It’s been a while since I’ve talked about music.  On the other hand, how often do you want to hear that I’m listening to U2 and the Indigo Girls?
  • An ‘On the Nightstand’ update – I haven’t discussed books, either. This would include Winter World (which is my family’s book club pick right now*), as well as my discussion of Brian McLaren’s A New Kind of Christianity. Oh, and I still haven’t finished most of these books, either.
  • Mr. Guest Complacent’s suggestions for other “Five for Friday” blogs. I think I’ve done two out of five.

* In my defense, I have a hunch that I’m doing better at reading Winter World than most of the rest of my family. Ordinary Spouse has finished it, however.

2) A more intimate and/or artistic look at the sacredness of the ordinary

After all, ‘ordinary’ is in the title of my blog. Take a look at these blogs:

Two thoughts:

  1. I like these blogs. I like the imagery, and I like the thoughts and reflections. I would like to blog like that.
  2. These blogs are written by women. You may ask, “What difference does that make?” Well, our society has a whole bunch of gender baggage.  Richard Rohr explores some of it in a Sojourners article that I read this week – “Boys Don’t Cry (And Other Lies We Tell Men)“.** I wonder to what extent I’m also carrying this baggage. I wonder if I’m able to see and feel and experience in the same way that the writers of these blogs do.***

** Sojourners may ask you to register. It’s free, and I think that you can get them to promise not to bug you to buy their magazine.

***  Tricky me – I’ve just slipped in a whole other topic for blogging. But it’s a hard one. After all, boys don’t acknowledge a sensitive side.

3) Privilege and what I’m doing about it

Actually, this is partly inspired by #2. You see – even though I love those blogs above, I also wonder whether these explorations of ordinary sacredness are made possible by the affluence of middle-class North America. You generally don’t find those in third-world poverty writing blogs. I’m not pointing fingers, since it’s also the context from which I experience life. But I am challenging myself to recognize my advantages (white, middle-class, educated, United States citizen, male, heterosexual, etc.) and to work to level the playing field.

4) More stories about my family

Let’s be honest – I write the deep reflections for myself. Who else (besides, perhaps, my brother-in-law) wants to read my theological ramblings or the aforementioned thoughts on privilege? My mom wants to know what cute things her grand-daughters had to say today.

5) What it means to be Lay Minister of Worship

On July 1st, I began a term as our congregation’s Lay Minister of Worship. On one hand, I think I should reflect on that. Then I wonder, “do I really want my congregation to know how unqualified I am for this job?”