Last week, I mentioned that we were running down a sand dune while on vacation. Here are the exciting (!) videos, courtesy of Ordinary Spouse.

A mostly ordinary run down the dune

You’ll have to watch closely, because things move fast!

:00 – As the video starts, you see me run behind my brother-in-law.
:02 – Ordinary Spouse with the Tarzan call.
:04 – Random onlooker says something like, “I’m not so sure that’s a good idea.” (This comment is not audible in the video.)
:05 – Brother-in-law finds this comment to be amusing. (His amusement is clearly audible in the video.)
:07 – My arms start flailing like crazy, as I try to make my body move quickly enough to keep from rolling (as opposed to running) down the hill.
:10 – Random onlooker in red (don’t know if it’s the same random onlooker or not) looks on in amazement as I conclude my run.
:11 – Courteous dune climbers move out of my way at the bottom of the hill.*
:12 – The end.

* Actually, once you’ve found those two, go back and watch them from the beginning. Note how their path was going right in front of mine until they changed direction.** I was ready to change course, too, but my run was more pleasant because they did first. (I would have needed to veer off of the sand into harder dirt.)

** Almost completely unrelated pet peeve: Why is it that drivers on the road don’t have this much awareness of what is happening around them?

The daughters undertake their own dune run

Oldest Daughter and Youngest Daughter also enjoyed a dune run.

:00 – As the video starts, Oldest Daughter sets out.
:03 – Youngest Daughter pops into the left side of the movie, already in full stride.
:06 – Youngest Daughter decides that’s as far as she wants to go.
:14 – Oldest Daughter successfully completes her trip.

Now don’t you wish you could run down the dune, too?