Independence Day: A never-ending source of frustration for Mennonites. What is the proper response for a Christian whose primary allegiance is to the Kingdom of God? Well – Shane Claiborne recently offered one possible answer.

Other than sharing the link to Shane’s great ideas, this post is a completely random collection of stuff from our lives as of July 4th. Random like my blog, and random like my life.

We’re mostly relaxing here today – being thankful for a non-hurried, three-day stay-cation. I made some apple mint tea, and now my girls are consuming multiple glasses of it. Yesterday, Ordinary Spouse and I worked on some home improvements.  Tomorrow, we’ll do more of the same, in addition to transporting the girls to dance and swimming classes at the YMCA.

A recent quote from Youngest Daughter:

I’m putting on my owner’s cape because I own!

(I’m thinking about the young capitalist that we’re raising, as YD wraps a blanket around her like a skirt.)

What do you own?

Ladybugs… I’m being a silly owner.

(Bragging about Ordinary Chef-in-Chief…)

The other day, Ordinary Spouse decided to make some buns, following a recipe from one of her favorite websites. You can decide which picture is hers and which is the original, and then check out the recipe.

And a blog milestone thrown in for good measure: I’ve now used over a thousand different tags for posts on my blog. I knew my liberal arts education was good for something. 🙂