Last week, my family traveled to Onekama (“1,”), Michigan, for a few days of unstructured time with my wife’s family. Random recollections from a wonderful time:

  • I’m blessed to have vacation time and to be able to use it at nearly any time that I choose. I realize that this puts me in the top 1% of the world’s population. Maybe top ½%? In any case, it’s worth not taking that for granted.
  • I pack altogether too much stuff. This applies equally to one week of vacation or one day at the beach. I try to plan for every possibility, but it’s possible that in the process I plan my life away. Perhaps it’s a symptom of the sickness of my society. Am I able to simply be present?
  • Running down a big (really big!) sand dune at top speed is fun. Overheard by my family from a random onlooker as I sped by: “I’m not so sure that’s a good idea.” I was too busy flailing my arms and trying to stay on my feet to notice.(Where would one go to run down a really big sand dune? Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore)
  • We love mini-golf. Thanks, Northern Falls!
  • When you’re a parent and an introvert, you sometimes have to balance your desire for quiet with your children’s desire for… oh, a million different things. I try, but I tend to think that I’m selfish sometimes.
  • Selfishness aside, there isn’t much that I enjoy more than walking along the edge of the water at Lake Michigan. Slowly. For hours at a time. (Well – maybe only an hour at a time.)
  • Why is it that during the whole week, I couldn’t seem to wake up before 7 a.m. in order to go for an early morning walk, but the first day that we were home, I couldn’t sleep past 3:30 am?
  • Ordinary Spouse and I visited a vineyard and organic farming community – Douglas Valley. If I were to spontaneously decide to move somewhere (and see my recent thoughts on community to understand my temptation there), Douglas Valley would be nice.
  • Barn Owl screeches in the middle of the night will make you sit up and wonder what’s going on.

Random photos from the week:

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Sigh. It’s hard to be home.