Sunday may 30

Nows paper

Noah rod a balins bike.I know how to spell mississippi bakwerds ippississim. Have you ever ben to funcity?

Bike nows

I made a homemade bike baskit.

Map nows

I got a now atlas.I onec wet to laurelville.On the way to laurelville I read the map.

Kindergarten nows

I only have tow more days of kindergarten.I made a book in kindergarten.

Like the nows?

(Ed. note: Middle Daughter decided that she wanted to write a newspaper one morning this week. Ordinary Spouse said that MD worked non-stop all morning typing it into the computer. I wanted to reproduce it here, and she said that I could. However, I had to wait until today, because that was the paper’s dateline. I’ve tried to format it just the way she did.)