It’s been four months since we last checked in with Worm Woman.  Here’s what she had to say when we caught up with her today.

ordinary (mostly): It’s been a while since we’ve discussed your worms. How are they doing?

Worm Woman: They’re living. They’re squirming around in their glorious pinkness.

o(m): Anything in particular that you’d like to say about your worms?

WW: They stay alive for two months at a time, even when I ignore them.

o(m): Why do you suppose that is?

WW: Cold temperatures slow them down.

o(m): So have you moved them outside for the winter?

WW: No. They’re just in their normal spot.  Being outside would phase them. I would guess that if you want to freeze and thaw worms and keep them alive, it can’t be quick. Flash freezing would kill them.

o(m): Thanks for your time, Worm Woman.