I’m continuing with Mr. Guest Complacent’s suggestions for “Five for Friday”.  Today, I’m going with five haikus which comment on the Gospel readings for the first five Sundays in Lent.  I wrote these during my lunch break, so don’t expect anything profound.  However, some of them are fun.  I especially like the one about the fig tree.

(Ed. note: Remember – this is my commentary.  For full effect, you should really read the scripture first.)

Week 1: Luke 4.1-13

Jesus: forty days.
Me? I can’t manage to wait
For just four hours.

Week 2: Luke 13.31-35

Fox news: “I’ll kill you.”
News for fox: Jesus is not
Subject to your whims.

Week 3: Luke 13.1-9

Do I bear more fruit
Than the pathetic fig tree?
Pile on the shit.

Week 4: Luke 15.1-32

The Prodigal Son:
Let the expectant father
Teach us about God.

Week 5: John 12.1-11

Mary: mocked and shamed.
Did she understand her act?
Love willing to die.