My Extraordinary Spouse has returned from a her John Bell seminar weekend in Elkhart. Early in our days of parenting, we more evenly split the parenting responsibilities. (Note that I said “more evenly”, not “evenly”.) Since then, my “household management” skills have not been so heavily used. Not that I would have suggested last Thursday that they were finely honed, but after three days, it’s clear just how rusty they’ve become. Some reflections:

  • The house is still standing, but a few things slipped through the cracks. I’ve tried to convince myself that, were I to do this full-time, I’d have more of a routine. Yeah. Right.
  • One can only rely on McDonald’s gift cards and Dunkin Donuts for so long. Therefore, use them wisely. For example, start the weekend on a high note, or use as bribery when the schedule gets tighter.
  • One coffee cake recipe covers two breakfasts.
  • Likewise, taking the time to slice some extra red pepper can provide the vegetables requirements of supper one day and lunch the next.
  • Saturday night, I thought that maybe the girls should have baths for Sunday. But I didn’t put up a fight when they said that they only took baths on Wednesdays.
  • Mature eight-year-olds can be a big help when daddy doesn’t have enough hands.
  • I don’t know how many times a had to look at my schedule/list to make sure that we were still on track. I used more energy keeping track of the to-do list, than actually doing the things on the list.
  • Play dates with friends are also a great way to reduce the burden. (As long as the play date is at the friend’s house…)

Welcome home, honey.