(Also known as “Getting Caught Up, Part III”)

Last weekend, my Ordinary In-laws came to our house on Saturday to celebrate Youngest Daughter’s third birthday.  I think I managed to see them for all of one or two hours at the party, thanks to my schedule.

Beforehand, Ordinary Mommy and YD were working on a cake in the shape of Strawberry Shortcake, which was YD’s request for her birthday.  Here’s an excerpt from their conversation:

YD: Please give me that green!

OM: Are you eating ALL the frosting?

YD: Just go away.

Did I mention that Youngest Daughter is turning three?

During the same weekend, the rest of the family was watching the opening ceremony for the Olympics.  Middle Daughter was not impressed by the Visa commercial:

I hope we don’t get a visa card, because then we might win tickets and have to go to the Olympics FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES!!!