(Also known as “Getting Caught Up, Part IV”)

Many Mennonite congregations are using the theme “Holding On and Letting Go” during Lent.  Ordinary Spouse and I put together six images (one for each Sunday of Lent) that reflect this theme and also allude to the lectionary reading for the week.  The group of images will be used as bulletin covers in our congregation.

Week 1 – Luke 4
(Jesus’ temptation to turn stones to bread)

Week 2 – Genesis 15
(God’s covenant with Abram; promises of a land and descendants)

Week 3 – Isaiah 55
(Everyone who thirsts, come to the waters)

Week 4 – Luke 15
(The prodigal sons and the waiting father)

Week 5 – John 12
(Mary anoints Jesus)

Week 6 (Palm Sunday) – Luke 22
(Institution of the Lord’s Supper)