I had a lovely evening with some friends last night.  We shared supper at their home with some other friends, and afterwards we played a game of Scrabble.  However, when I play Scrabble, I play because someone needs to finish in last place.  Games with numbers, I can do; games with letters – not so much.

Anyway I was happily plodding along with ten to twenty point words – teach, even, timid, day (×3) – and we were getting down to the end of the game.  Well – it was my turn and someone had just played ‘bull’ at the lower right.  The other players were feeling sorry for me (because I was bringing up the rear), and since they knew that I had a blank, they suggested that I play something off of ‘bull’ in order to take advantage of the triple word score space at the bottom of the board.  All of a sudden, I saw my word…


Triple word score.

With a ‘z’ in the word.

And a seven letter bonus.

And then I realized that I could also tack a ‘d’ on the end, so make it an eight letter word:


One hundred twenty-two points.

Of pure, dumb luck.

I don’t think I’ll ever play Scrabble again.