On another blog, I’ve been continuing some conversations inspired by Laurelville’s Music and Worship Leaders’ Retreat last weekend. I was reminded of something else that Brian McLaren said that really resonated with me.

On that site, we were discussing various concerns related to the future of the Church, and I mentioned the challenges facing my congregation:

Some of us are concerned that we not miss scripture’s moral imperatives. Others of us are concerned that we not lose sight of the clear biblical emphasis on social justice. Still others of us are concerned that members of either of the first two groups could leave the congregation, and in the process minimize the importance of Jesus’ prayer for the unity of his followers.

Given all of that, you may perhaps understand why I could identify a cautionary word spoken directly to me within Brian McLaren’s statement that

What we focus on [in scripture] determines what we miss.

I think that this is vitally important to the broader denomination right now. How we carry on these conversations will be quite important in influencing how the world perceives the Church.