It’s been a while since I’ve given an update about Jack, and even this update will be more about me, than it will be about Jack.  It’s my blog – I get to vent.

Let me say that Jack is doing wonderfully.  He didn’t try to climb our Christmas tree at all, he doesn’t try to bite my ankles, he uses his litter box, and he hasn’t regurgitated any food recently.  My standards are low.

Now some of you will remember that when Jack came to live with us, I was the family member who was most reluctant to have Jack join our family.  Also (and I quote here)…

I have…  predicted that in an ironic twist, the cat will like me best.

Well – let me just say, “I told you so.”

Guess – where does Jack sleep every night?

Yes, on my bed, but more specifically.

No, not on my pillow, but you’re close.

Give up?

On my arm.  Our cat sleeps on my arm.

He waits until Ordinary Spouse and I have settled into bed, and then he comes traipsing in makes himself comfortable on my arm.

And guess – who lets him?