Table games are very popular on both sides of my family.  At any get-together, you’re likely to find someone rounding up a group of people to play something.  I’m always a willing participant.  Here are my five favorites:

1) RookThe bidding game for Mennonites.  It’s my very favorite.  I’m even hosting a tournament tomorrow at church.

2) Apples to Apples – One of a number of games introduced to me by my sister and brother-in-law.  Oldest Daughter and I have established a two-person version that uses a dummy.  It’s amazing how many times the dummy wins.

3) Fictionary – This game is essentially ‘Balderdash’.  However, my family played Fictionary before Balderdash was on the market.

4) Up and Down the River – Otherwise known as ‘Oh, Heck!’  You bid on the number of tricks you’ll take.  Then your neighbor messes you up.

5) Monopoly – I debated whether this belongs here or not.  I don’t really play Monopoly too much.  It just takes too long.  But it is a sentimental favorite, going all the way back to my elementary school days when my parents gave it to me as a Christmas gift.

Honorable mentions: Rummy and its variants (like Phase 10 and Five Crowns) and Hand and Foot.