Way back in August of last year, I wrote about a littered carpet square that was lying in the middle of the Stevenson Expressway, impeding the progress of my morning commute.  Every day, I looked for it, and I could tell that it was still there long after it ceased to look like a carpet square.  It went from a very geometric rectangular shape, to one frayed around the edges, to one that appeared like a rag.  I think that there must have been some adhesive on it, because it didn’t move, and in the end it pretty much looked like a light-colored stain on the road.

It was a bit odd – to check on it every day and to have this little piece of completely worthless knowledge that no one else in the world had.

As usual, I checked again this morning.  Though there is a small remnant of a stain there, I’m officially releasing myself from tracking it anymore.  Winter is rapidly destroying the last traces, and it’s just too distracting to try to find it.

Rest in peace, carpet square.