Last night, my family went to Oldest Daughter’s school holiday concert. The program consisted of vocal and instrumental pieces by students in first through fifth grades.

There are so many things to enjoy at these concerts…

  • It is just a lovely sense of controlled chaos.
  • The children really put their full effort into everything they do.  (I’m remembering you, Mr. Bell-Ringer.)
  • Except when they completely space out.  (Never mind that we’re doing a concert for 600 friends and family members.  I’m fascinated by the ceiling.)
  • “In unison” is a term that we interpret in the most generous manner possible.
  • Fifth grade boys show off their muscles to the applause after the songs are finished.
  • The accompaniment CD needs to play through thirteen tracks – one for each of the twelve days of Christmas plus one for the big finale.   Pandemonium reigns when the sound system will only do one at a time.  (But the tech guy saves the day with some last second prestidigitation!)

And courtesy of OD’s concert, today’s “Five for Friday” are my favorite instruments from the show.

1) Boomwhackers We hit things.   We make music.  We do both at the same time!  Someone is a genius.

2) Kazoos – Tchaikovsky is rolling over in his grave right now.

3) Chimes/Bells – So we can play “Cccccarrolll off thhe bbbellsss”.  (See my comment about “in unison” above.)

4) Random percussion instruments – If it clanks, we’ll use it (tambourines, small drums, cow bells, cymbals).

5) Recorders – Once they get to fifth grade, they actually let them play multiple notes.  And so they do.  In a band.  All at once.