I really do have some more thoughtful stuff to post on my blog, but doing so would require… well… thought.  And I don’t particularly feel like thinking right now.  I feel like pie.  Or talking about it, at least.

My taste in pie is strongly influenced by three sources:

  • Yoder’s Country Market (Grantsville, MD) – Otherwise known as ‘The Locker’, the market began as a butcher shop and expanded to become a grocery store (with a really great bakery).  Alas, I believe that they’ve closed now (although the meat operations may still be going – my ordinary parents will know).  Every time I’d visit my grandparents when I was a child, I’d ask grandma to buy me some of their raisin cookies.  They were moist – any time you tried to get one, you automatically got another one sticking to it.  Later on, I began to appreciate their pie, as well.
  • My father – we have pretty much the same taste in food, as long as the food isn’t called ‘endive’, ‘kohlrabi’, or ‘dandelion’.  We’ll see how much overlap there is in this pie list.
  • My Eastern Pennsylvania heritage – see shoofly.

And now, let the mouth-watering commence!

1) Mincemeat

2) Pecan

3) Shoofly

4) Apricot (with a little bit of tapioca as a thickener!)

5) Rhubarb (ditto on the tapioca)