Sometime in the last year, I realized that I had squeezed about all I could out of the time in my life.  You know how it is – we’re all a little inefficient sometimes, and if we get rid of those inefficiencies, then we could take on something else.   (Hopefully something that we enjoy!)  Well, I finally decided that I was about as efficient as I was going to be*, and that if I wanted to do something new, I was going to have to give up something old.

* Let me be clear here – I am not saying that I am fully efficient.  Not by a long shot.  I’m quite inefficient, really.  I’m just saying that my efficiency isn’t going to improve any time soon.  To restate what I said above, I’m as efficient as I’m going to be.  Don’t hold your breath, if you’re hoping for more.

Anyway, you know how, from time to time, you might say, “I’d like to try (fill in the blank) sometime?”  Well – here are the things that I’d enjoy doing, if I had more time.

1) Genealogy – Actually, I already have a good start on this one.  If I ever find some more spare time, this is the first thing that I’ll pick up again.

2) Music – If I had more time, I’d learn a new instrument or practice the ones I already have.  If I were learning something new, I would probably start with violin, but I’d consider bass guitar, dobro, or mountain dulcimer, as well.

3) Woodworking – This would require time, space, and money.  I’d like to have a little shop of my own where I could make furniture or cabinets or maybe turn things on a lathe.  In reality, I don’t expect this to happen any time soon, but I keep the idea tucked away in the back of my mind.  When the girls are older…

4) Photography – I already am able to do a little of this from time to time.  I would upgrade my equipment and focus on nature photography.

5) A mish-mash of things around the house – This is how I jam more than five things into Five for Friday.  There are lots of things that Ordinary Spouse does that I also enjoy, but that I’ve mostly given over to her, since she’s at home.  These include gardening (I’d really enjoy doing the flower beds), sewing,  and cooking.  I’d also do more reading, since my book queue is always about ten books deep.