I’m always learning from my daughters.  This morning, I had to learn how to say, “I’m sorry”, after I raised my voice at Oldest Daughter.

Later, Ordinary Spouse sent me this from the traveling minstrel that we also know as Youngest Daughter:

Blessed! Blessed! Who—-ole world!

Many of you won’t know the source, but her tune roughly approximated the tune for the hymn, “Blessed”, by David Wright and Jim Clemens (from their hymnal, “A Field of Voices“).  It’s a song that we’ve been singing at church recently during a sermon series on the Beatitudes.  I don’t know where she came up with “whole world” (the next line is actually “Loved and blessed!”) but it matches the bumper sticker on my car (“God bless the whole world.  No exceptions.”).  But she can’t read yet.

I’m blessed to be around children.