I took today off and began the Thanksgiving holiday one day early today.  Our family was invited to a day of candle making at the home of couple from our congregation.  The wife teaches kindergarten and didn’t have today off, so the husband did all of the hosting today.  We had an awesome time.

One of the things that is really special is that our host is a good teacher, so he took the time to show the girls how to do things correctly and safely (hot wax on the stove).  Also, he has been making candles for forty years now, but he still enjoys seeing how each candle turns out.  His encouragement makes the girls feel proud of what they created.  Everyone enjoys the time.

(And a well-timed “Elmo’s World” on TV didn’t hurt when attention spans got a little short.  We spent the whole day!)

Anyway, here are the fruits of our labors today…

Ordinary Spouse made one; Middle Daughter, Youngest Daughter, and I each made two; and Oldest Daughter made four (and wanted to do more).  In addition, we made four other candles that are being used for Advent at church.  We dropped them off before we came home, so no pictures.

Here are my ordinary candles…

Note the deliberate choice of green for ordinary time.  Candles for contemplation.

On Thanksgiving eve, I’m thankful for my community, for friends, for other adults who care for my children.