Today I give you my favorite comic strips, without too much explanation.  It seems to me that a person’s sense of humor is either understood or not.  If understood, explanation isn’t needed; and if not, no amount of explanation is going to help.

I’m afraid my sense of humor will be in the latter…

1) FrazzFrazz is like a grown up Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes.  He’s a wise custodian who could be in a higher paying job.  But why move on, when you’re doing what you love?

2) DilbertI work in cubicle.  I’ve been known to photoshop Dilbert cartoons in order to put in my own name.  And sometimes, they’re just a little too realistic.

3) Arlo & JanisI am Arlo.  Except that I have no desire to own a sailboat.  A canoe, on the other hand…

4) DoonesburyI like my political commentary to lean slightly left (while still making fun of everyone).

5) Baby BluesHouse with three kids.  Need I say more?