I’m so grateful that we enjoy spending time with our families, no matter which side of the family we’re talking about.  Yesterday, we returned from a weekend in Iowa, spent with my wife’s extended family.  Some highlights:

  • We stayed at Ordinary Spouse’s aunt and uncle’s place.  The girls got some quality time with their cousins.
  • The house is in the country.  You can see the stars, unlike in the ‘burbs.  OS and Middle Daughter saw a meteor.
  • Lots of farm cats.  It seemed like the daughters used every free moment to play with kittens.
  • Saturday was gorgeous – over 70 deg F and sunny.
  • They have a small piece of wooded land a short distance from their house.  We decided  to spend the morning there, travelling via hay ride.  How many times do you get to do that in November?
  • The highlights of the morning included hunting for heffalumps, swinging on a tire swing that looked like a horse, and diving in leaf piles.
  • For lunch, we had a picnic with food cooked over a camp fire.  OS’s uncle is a machinist for a university physics department.  He started the picnic cooking fire with magnesium shavings from the shop.  How cool is that!
  • Speaking of picnics, it seems like everyone in that family knows how to make good food.  Kudos to OS’s aunt for an extravagant picnic.

OS’s uncle mentioned how he hoped the kids got to make some memories.  I really appreciated that – it’s such a great gift to give to your children.